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A. Introduction

 Your introduction should include your career plans and the reasons for your

interest. (What kind of skills, activities and interests have you had up to this point

in your life that lead you to believe you’ll enjoy and be good at the career you’ve

chosen?) Explain what people in this career field do including three specific tasks

a person in this field might perform. What type of college degree, if any, do you

need to gain employment in this field? How do you see yourself in this career 20

years from now? Also discuss what type of experience you’d like to have in your

college education and why you chose the college or technical institution that you


B. Research Summary

 Compile your responses in a paragraph format. This must be your work not copies from a view book, catalogue, etc. NO CUTTING &amp PASTING.

Career Research:

1. What they do: In your own words, write a general description

for what a person who has this career does.

2. What to learn: What high school courses should you take if

you are interested in this career? How much post-secondary

education is recommended for this career?

3. Money and Outlook: Discuss the earning potential, entry

wage, average wage and experienced wage (if given) and the

employment outlook and growth rate.

4. Employment: What industries employ people in this career


College Research (Graduate studies):

1. Vital information: Name and address of the school, phone

number and website.

2. Statistics: Include the population of the city where the school is


3. Tuition Expenses: Include tuition costs for both state residents

versus non-residents.

4. Other Expenses: Cost for room and board; estimated costs for

textbooks, food not covered by the meal plan (pizza,

McDonalds, etc) and spending money (gas for car, movie

nights, football games, a date, that awesome sweatshirt, etc)

5. Admission Requirements: Include GPA, additional college

courses required or recommended, and minimum scores for

GRE, MAT, LSAT, MCAT, DAT etc. Required admission

procedures and costs like application fee, student essay, letters

of recommendation, deadline dates, etc.

D. Pro’s and Con’s

Share your pros and cons in paragraph format. (Three Pro’s and three

Con’s for each.

E. Conclusion of research.

I attached the entire project for a visual but you only have to do what is posted.


Type and submit your project in a three-prong pocket folder. (Size 12 font, Times New

Roman font, double space) Organize items in this order:

1. Cover Page

2. Written Introduction

3. Career Research

4. College Research

5. Pro’s and Con’s List

6. Conclusion


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