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Shows and movies about criminal investigation have become more prominent in the media in the past ten to twenty years. In this writing assignment choose one fictional example of a criminal investigator and tell me what you feel this character has portrayed to the public about the work of a criminal investigator. Your paper should include material from the textbook but also must include at least two peer-reviewed sources. Paper must be a minimum and no more than at least three full pages double-spaced not including the title or citation pages.Must use APA for citation.

Use the questionsbelow to help guide you in your analysis and the character can be either law enforcement or forensic investigator.

  • What position does the character have?
  • What are some of the job responsibilities of the character and are they realistic?
  • Does portrayal of the character push forward misleading narratives or the CSI effect?
  • How does the portrayal of the character and misleading narratives effect the viewer, especially in the context of students interested in forensic science?
  • APA requirements
    • No Abstract is required for this paper, a Title Page is required.
    • Paper must be typed & numbered.
    • Paper must be 3 pages in length.
    • Paper should adhere to A.P.A format.
    • Do not use secondary citations (i.e., a citation that was in one of your readings, but you never actually read the original research). Do not cite by summarizing one reading, then another, then another, etc. Instead, you need to integrate the citations into your essay.
    • This is a scholarly paper. Avoid using “I” (or other pronouns).
    • The paper must include a title.
    • The paper must include an introduction paragraph that should grab the readerâ€s attention and state the thesis of the paper.
      • Ex. The purpose of this paper is to ….
    • The paper must include supporting paragraphs.
      • Do not use long quotes.
      • Break up paragraphs so that one paragraph does not go one for a whole page.
      • **Be sure to cite authors in your paragraphs.
    • The paper must include a conclusion paragraph.
      • Ex. In conclusion, this paper presented….


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