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Ferguson Essay

This essay centers on the book by Eugene Ferguson, Engineering and the Mind’s Eye. Please read carefully, I will compensate generously for sincere work, do not bid if you are unsure, thank you for your time.

The first partof your essay will summarize and analyze Ferguson’s argument and evidence. To do this, briefly summarize (no more than 1 page) Ferguson’s argument(s), then analyze, engage, and evaluate it,

based on your thoughts and incorporation of evidence from other pieces of work we have read in

class so far. This portion of the essay should be 2-3 pages.

The second partof your essay will assess and explore the applicability of Ferguson’s ideas to

other engineering realms. This involves gathering and interpreting evidence from outside the textbook,

and placing it in scholarly dialog with Ferguson’s ideas. Apply Ferguson’s ideas carefully

to a present-day realm of engineering with which you are (or could become) familiar. You need to

reason carefully and use extensive, careful detail to document and support your argument. This

second part should be 3-5 pages, for a total of 5-8 pages.


Writing Requirements

• Writing counts, including appropriate grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary.

• Use “Turabian” or “Chicago Notes/Bibliography” formatting style for references. Place these

complete references in footnotes at the bottom of each page of your paper. (Footnotes are easy to

create in word processing programs, for example Ctrl-Alt-F inWord, footnote{note text}

in LATEX, or Insert->Footnote/Endnote in LibreOffice Writer, will make one for you.) There

are many guides to how to format notes properly in this style; one is:


• Use a standard typeface such as Times New Roman, Helvetica, or similar, in 10 or 12 point


• Please double-space your sentences and use 1 inch margins throughout.

• No need for separate title page sheets, but do be sure your formal papers have titles.

• An image or two as needed to help illustrate your point is welcome, however the images do

not count toward your essay length obligations.


• Essay length is expressed in a range of full pages of text (e.g. 5-8 pages)

• I am always happy to discuss your essay ideas outside of class. If you like, I will give your

essay draft a quick, big-picture skim evaluation if you bring a copy to office hours to discuss

it with me. Proofreading for errors is your own responsibility.

• For additional questions about writing, I urge you to consultWilliam Kelleher Storey,Writing

History: A Guide for Students (on reserve in the library)

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