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Hairs and Fibers

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Materials Needed:

Forceps or tweezers
Magnifying glass
White printing paper
A sterile sheet, plastic sheeting, or white butcher paper
A clean (freshly washed) shirt OR
A new dry-cleaned shirt OR
A brand new shirt removed from the packaging
A brightly lit area or a flash light


Wear your shirt for one full day. During the time, record your movements throughout the day and describe your locations, along with the people, animals, or environments you encounter. At the end of the day, remove the t-shirt and place into a new ziplock bag or a paper bag.

Next, thoroughly clean a counter or desk surface and place the sterile sheet, plastic sheeting, or white butcher paper on it. Carefully remove your shirt and place it flat on top of the sheet, sheeting, or paper. Take one photograph of your shirt.

Using the forceps or tweezers, carefully remove each hair or fiber you observe and place onto a clean white piece of printing paper or butcher paper. Turn the shirt over upon completion, take another photograph, and repeat the process. Pay careful attention around the collar area of the shirt.

Once you have collected all observable hairs and fibers, photograph the evidence on the paper or butcher paper. Take several photographs including some close-up photographs.

Upon collection of all hair and fiber evidence, count the number of individual specimens you collected. Determine (to the best of your ability) how many hair and how many fiber specimens you collected.

You are then required to write an essay detailing your experiences including the type of shirt worn (i.e. cotton, rayon, nylon, etc.), the locations you wore the shirt, and your experiences with the evidence collection process. You also need to discuss the importance of hair and fiber evidence and what kind of information it can reveal to investigators. At the end of your document, include the photographs of your hair and fiber evidence.

Your essay should be 2-3 pages in length, written in APA format and include at least two references. Please refer to the grading rubric for further details.

Submit your document as an word attachment. Tip: It is recommended to incorporate your photographs into a Word document along with your essay and submit one (1) attachment for grading.

This includes an APA cover page, abstract, page number, headers and is double spaced in 12′ Times Roman Font.

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