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Title page not needed. Can be single spaced. Answer 16 post test questions for a Liberal Studies / Historical Issues Globalization Perspective class, include a citation within each essay answer. All of the questions are answered in an essay form, except one.
The questions are:
1 Describe the stigma that female workers residing in free trade zones in Sri Lanka face.
2 For centuries, Europeans minimized Muslim achievements in science, math, architecture, and engineering. Explain the primary reason this situation occurred.
3 Discuss how colonization changed geographic boundaries.
4 Describe the main argument in favor of globalization.
5 Discuss why Stephen Hopgood claims that the “strategy of ‘naming and shaming’” rights abusers is irrelevant in “The End of Human Rights.”
6 Describe the trend in international tourism in the past 50 years or so.
7 Discuss how deception is used to enslave people.
8 Discuss the origins of the term “just war.”
9 What generally occurred in the fourth phase of decolonization, according to Fabian Klose?
10 Discuss what the Kurdish saying, “No friends but the mountains” means.
11 According to authors Robert Hinde and Joseph Rotblat, how many people are estimated to have died in armed conflict in the 20th Century (not including political violence)? Select one:
a. 10 million
b. 50 million
c. 100 million
d. 200 million
12 Using Pakistan as an example, how do IMF (International Monetary Fund) loans sometimes end up hurting the average person economically?
13 There is a long history of the use of child soldiers. Discuss how the use of child soldiers has changed in modern times.
14 Authors Robert Hinde and Joseph Rotblat argue that the mere possession of weapons can cause wars. Describe this argument.
15 Explain the term “collective consciousness.” Provide an example.
16 Discuss the origins of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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