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Chapter 12 – Diversity: Approaching Differences



Directions: See Grading Rubric Below and Example Attached, please use the attached file as reference along with the video below.
Each chapter of this book will ask you to write reflectively about the material you have just read. What did I learn? What’s the most valuable thing(s) I learned? What doesn’t work for me? Why doesn’t it work and how can I make it work? This is another way to remember the content of the chapter, so you might try it with your other classes as well.

Work in a Word Processor. Click on 'Submit Assignment and Copy/paste the questions into the text box. Answer all the questions. Save on your computer before submitting to your instructor. Or, Attach your file to assignment.

  Important! Be sure to use quotes/examples from the textbook and reference with page numbers for each  question. You may also use the PowerPoint for reference. Please state the slide number. Use PowerPoint reference only occasionally per week and when appropriate. Your main reference source is the textbook. Put your reference numbers in parenthesis. Example: (pg. 10 or slide 11)You may also use web or module video reference which must be underlined.



1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyaEQEmt5ls

2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zp03wlYsE94

1.  Many people today are "pushing" for diversity. Others say, "whatever will be, will be." Do you think its right to go out of your way to intentionally make friends with someone from another culture? Explain your answer.


2.  What role do colleges and universities play in promoting diversity? Give examples.


3. If you walked into a classroom and there were empty seats next to someone from an ethnic group different than your own, would you sit by him or her? Would you initiate a conversation with that person? Explain your answers.


4.  An older student arrives to class 10 minutes late each day and explains that she has to feed her child breakfast and drop him off at day care. How do you think the instructor should handle this?


5.  A student in a wheelchair is taking notes, but it’s a slow process. Should you offer to help or not? If you offer help, what might be the result? What is the best way to handle this situation?


6.  Have you ever had a negative experience with a member or members of a particular ethnic or cultural group? If so, describe it and explain how it might have impacted your attitude toward all members of that group. Is it time to change your attitude? Why or why not?


7.  Did you grow up in an environment where you witnessed bias or judgment of a particular group of people? Explain your experiences. Now, imagine that you are defending that group of people to your friends and family. What would you say?


8. What did you learn from watching the videos for chapter 12?



9. Is there anything else on your mind this week that you’d like to share with your instructor? If so, add it to your journal entry.

Journal Grading Rubric

Journal Grading Rubric

Guidelines for Journal Chapters

Full Points Credit - 50 

·  Thoroughly and Completely answers each question

·  Gives personal thought as to how chapter material applies to you

·  States examples from textbook and gives reference page numbers from textbook for each answer

·  Explains personal situations as related to the material

Half Points Credit - 49 - 25

·  Answers each question with one sentence

·  Shows little personal thought as to how chapter material applies to you

·  Gives some or no examples from textbook and some or no reference page numbers from textbook

·  Has no personal situations as related to the material

Under Half Points Credit -24 - 0

·  Does not answer each question

·  Use of yes/no answers with out explanation

·  Lacks any personal thought about the chapter material

·  Does not attempt the assignment

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